Mobile & Pervasive Technology & Applications

Undergraduate course, SMU


In this globalising and competitive business environment, the value of mobile and pervasive technology is fast becoming an important consideration for organisations. This technology has the ability to allow companies to observe and respond quicker to stimuli in the environment. It also allows them to more accurately track their day to day operations.

Today, many kinds of industries are employing mobile and pervasive technology as an integral part of their business processes. For example, healthcare providers, shipping companies, package delivery companies, and even sports teams all use this technology as integral parts of their business.

This course provides students with an introduction to practical applications of mobile and pervasive technology in business operations. Emphasis will be placed on (i) locating, acquiring and integrating mobile and pervasive business data, (ii) understanding the technology used by mobile and pervasive applications, (iii) become familiar with the benefits, limitations, challenges, and opportunities of this technology, and (iv) explore new and innovative ways of integrating mobile and pervasive technology into business operations.