About Me

I am a Senior Lecturer in the Information Systems Technology and Design pillar and Design and Artificial Intelligence programme at SUTD since Jun 2019, and a co-director of SHUAI Lab. In a previous life, I was also a Senior Member of Technical Staff at DSO.

I received my PhD in Information Systems from Singapore Management University in Dec 2018, and was fortunate to have been able to work with Rajesh Balan, Archan Misra and Youngki Lee and my numerous friends and colleagues in LiveLabs. I then joined the Living Analytics Research Centre @ SMU as a postdoctoral fellow for 6 months.

My research is in context-aware interfaces that can bridge interaction and communication between people and help them empathise with each other. I use techniques such as computer vision, audio processing, and natural language processing to empower these interfaces. My thesis work was on an augmented virtuality system Empath-D which utilises computer vision and virtual reality to help mobile user interface designers situate their designs when they design for less abled users.

One focus area of my research is in healthcare. I am working on computer-mediated interventions that help parents of children with speech language developmental disorders provide parent-based care to improve speech delay therapy outcomes. I am also working on using large-scale community data to develop interaction mechanisms (e.g., chatbots) that support and communicate care for vulnerable populations.